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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

TALIB AL-HABIB - Tasbih - The Seedlings of Paradise

TALIB AL-HABIB - Tasbih - The Seedlings of Paradise

Subhan Allah, wa’l hamdu lillah
Wa la ilaha illa Allah
Allahu akbar wa la hawla
Wa la quwwata illa billah

All Allah’s creation glorifies Him
Infinitely perfect, beyond understanding
And though we cannot praise Him
As much as He deserves,
We say ‘glory to Allah, subhanallah!’

All praise is for Allah, exalted be He
He is worthy of all praise anyone could ever speak
In thankfulness for all the blessings He bestows
We say, ‘praise to Allah, al-hamdu lillah!’

There is none we worship except for Allah
There is none we yearn for except for Allah
It is the best remembrance – no god but Allah
Every moment in our hearts, we remember Allah

Allah is more exalted than heaven and earth
His pleasure more important than the greatest of rewards
Allah is greater than any praise we make of Him
So in word and deed and prayer we say, ‘Allahu akbar.’

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